Pelvic health is my passion, helping you succeed and achieve your goals is my mission. Pelvic floor dysfunction is common but not normal. I am here to help your through your journey of healing. Think of me as a resource for pelvic health information! 

about me & pelvic health

Pelvic health physical therapy is my passion. If you are curious if pelvic health physical therapy is right for you please reach out via email, DM, or any other social media link on this site!

This comprehensive course includes the information and tools you need to address Interstitial cystitis (IC)/Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS) symptoms. Learn from IC specialists about how you can restore balance and formulate an action plan to get your life back.

Finding a pelvic physical therapist can be difficult but below are resources to help connect you to a local therapist:


"I was able to return to the gym-full force!"

After my second baby was born, I had tons of injuries ranging from diastasis to tons of painful scar tissue.  Amy single handedly brought me back to life! I was able to return to the gym full force - lifting weights, running, jump roping, and everything else. Amy was truly a Godsend who helped me through a terribly challenging time with so much kindness, professionalism and support!

-Lani B. 

"Within weeks, I could feel the tangible results of her work"

 This is why I can not recommend Amy highly enough. She takes the time to truly get to know her patients and the lifestyle, mental, and physical patterns that are contributing to or exacerbating their condition. This means that she ultimately empowers you by helping you *finally* understand what is happening in your body and what it really needs to heal. 

Emmeline B.