My journey in the field of pelvic health physical therapy began 9 years ago after my mother experienced complications after a routine pelvic surgery. These complications resulted in her having to self-catheterize; basically not being able to urinate by herself...

It took 3 years to find a solution, a solution ironically in pelvic floor physical therapy. At the time I had just began my schooling in physical therapy! I saw how this therapy worked with my mom and made it my goal to pursue this unique field. 

I graduated from Regis University in Denver, CO with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have dedicated my entire career to blending orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy. I value individualized care with compassion and evidence based practice.

I currently live in Seattle, Washington with my wonderful husband Nick and cat Yeti and am so grateful to be in this position to educate, advocate, and collaborate for pelvic health and wellness! 

This is me...

 the story behind my passion.

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Pelvic health physical therapy is my passion. If you are curious if pelvic health physical therapy is right for you please reach out via email, DM, or any other social media link on this site!

Finding accurate and helpful information is great. Below are my top suggestions for pelvic health therapists and resources outside of this website! 

Finding a pelvic physical therapist can be difficult but below are resources to help connect you to a local therapist: